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secondary page imageSophie's Mum and youth worker, Sylvia Lancaster OBE, has launched an educational game to take into high schools and other young peoples establishments that shows young people how easy it is to be more tolerant and open their minds to accept all people, despite their lifestyle or appearance. The Sophie Game is a paid for resource available for teachers to use in schools and other educational sites across the UK.

The educational game is designed for year seven students and above, and as research illustrates, young people within these age groups are more susceptible to developing prejudices and intolerances. The game consists of 30 cards, which represent diverse ethnic, religious and social groups and subcultures; players are set a series of tasks, which challenges preconceptions and encourages development in problem solving and team working skills.

Sylvia Lancaster, who pioneered and worked towards launching this scheme since Sophie's death, says: "To teach young people to be tolerant of others is giving them a crucial skill that will enable them to get on in life. Working many years as a youth worker has taught me that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many young people is their inability to understand or relate to people from different walks of life to them. Our game will show them simple techniques that help them break through this barrier."

Sylvia continues: "This game has been my dream since 2007, and it is one of the key things we, as a charity, can do to ensure my daughter didn't die in vain. If this scheme can make young people stop and think twice about judging others on appearance, then it can also stop them from growing up thinking it's OK to insult, abuse or attack someone just because they don't look the same - and that will be a massive accomplishment for our society."

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation offer different options for schools, colleges, youth clubs, young offenders institutions and any professionals who work with young people. One of our main priorities has always been to provide a flexible and accommodating service to enable our message to be have a voice.

The Foundation has trained staff who can deliver the game in your school. We believe this demonstrates our on-going commitment to offer an affordable, personal approach to supporting schools in attaining their "anti-prejudice bullying" strategy in line with OFSTED targets.

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A series of 1 day training courses are scheduled throughout the year for teachers, youth workers and other professionals. Please contact us to discuss suitability of the training within your role.

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The cost for the course, including a SOPHIE Resource Pack is only £300. We can deliver training in your area if required - please call to discuss.

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