GMP Monitor and Record Alterntative Hate Crime

Following months of work with Greater Manchester Police and their partners, from April 2013 Hate Crimes against people from Alternative Subcultures will be recorded as a crime by GMP in the same capacity as disability, racist, religious sexual orientation and transgender hate crime to provide better support to victims and repeat victims.

Greater Manchester Police, in consultation with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, recognises alterntative sub-cultures as a broad term to define a strong sense of collective identity and a set of group specific values and tastes. This typically centres on distinctive style, clothing, make up, body art and music preference. Those involved usually stand out to both fellow participants and to those outside the group. Groups typically under the alternative umbrella include Goths, Emos, Punks and Metallers however this list is not exhaustive.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, GMP's lead on Hate Crime said:

"The launch of this new strand of recordable hate crime is a major breakthrough. We are able to officially recognise that people who wish to express their alternative sub culture identity freely should not have to tolerate hate crime, something that many people have to endure on a daily basis.

This means that we can recognise the impact that alternative sub culture hate crime has on its victims and the wider community, we can offer better support and risk assess the potential for repeat victimisation."

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