Hate Crime Awareness Week 2015

We were proud to take such a central part in both Leicestershire NHS and Warwickshire Police HCAW events.

Sylvia and Kate went to work with Warwickshire South and North Police delivering four training sessions over two days, included Sylvia’s presentations and screenings of “Black Roses” film to the delegates. The film was followed by a panel Q&A session where Sylvia joined senior police officers.

We were particularly impressed with the honest exchange with frontline officers who as the sessions went on were expressing how their own practise would change following the training. This is such an important part of Sophie’s legacy: changing attitudes of those with such a responsibility for victims.

Chief Superintendent Lee Davenport, hate crime lead for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, said: “Today’s event was extremely hard hitting and I’m sure it made everyone there think about the role they play in tackling hate crime.

“Fortunately, incidents as serious as Sophie’s murder are very rare but one of the key points I took from today was the impact day-to-day hate crime has on people from alternative subcultures and indeed any victim of hate crime.”

Paul Hooper from the Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership said: “I hope today’s workshop will help people understand the damaging effects it has on people’s lives and inspire people to take a stand in their communities. Hate crime is everyone’s responsibility and everyone has a role to play in addressing it.”

We were asked to return to deliver further educational training as we learnt that the community police officers had delivered 40 sessions to 1200 students over the last two years. Sylvia was presented with the evaluation which was deemed 100% positive.

Stacey and Adam worked with the team at Leicester NHS as they launched their Hate Crime and Healthcare Partnership. This will help to bridge the gap between victims and Police giving people the knowledge and confidence to understand and report hate motivated attacks. Again such a crucial step in supporting victims of hate crime.

We know many events took part across the UK and sadly we couldn’t be involved with them all. We were delighted to see Nottinghamshire Police change their Facebook page to an image of Sophie and our logo stressing hate crime based on your appearance is a crime taken seriously by Nottinghamshire Police.

There are now eight police authorities that record Hate Crimes and Incidents against “alternative subcultures” They are:

Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Warwickshire, West Mercia, Durham, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, West Yorkshire and Sussex. Please check their websites for details to report any issues you may be experiencing.