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Here you will find all the updates from the SOPHIE team whether that is us out and about working or events and news we want to share with you. No two days are ever the same and we hope this shows a flavour of our work and other useful information.

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sylvia and kate at no2h8Sophie Lancaster Foundation Wins Prestigious Award

The second No2H8 Awards Ceremony took place in the Churchill Regency Hotel in London last night (10th October) and Sylvia and Kate were guests of the organisers as shortlisted nominees.

Sophie’s 10th Anniversary

The 24th August marks ten years since the death of Sophie following the brutal, hate fuelled attack thirteen days earlier. Sophie’s injuries were so great she never regained consciousness, the damage so great her life was taken from those she loved.

“Killed for Being Different” is the new BBC3 film that tells the story of Sophie and Rob’s life together and the shocking hate fuelled attack that led to Sophie’s death in August 2007. The film will be screened on the online channel on Sunday 18h June before the 10th anniversary.

Today, 11th August 2016, sees the 9th anniversary of the attack on Sophie and Rob that led to Sophie's death 13 days later.

Coffee Jingle Records are proud to announce they are releasing a Charity Album in aid of The S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster Foundation

The 22nd May is World Goth Day and this year there are events celebrating all things "Goth"