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Today, 24th August 2013, marks the 6th anniversary of the heart-breaking death of Sophie, 11 days after she was the victim of a vicious attack.

As Sylvia takes a quiet day out she would like to express her appreciation for all the loving support she receives each and every day.

Sophie's murder has had a profound impact on many lives. The charity reaches around the world as we unite people from alternative subcultures..a true legacy for Sophie.

This year has seen huge steps forward for the charity as we have worked closely with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) who since April have been recording and monitoring hate crimes and incidents against people from alternative subcultures. If you suffer, call 101 to report a crime or incident that you experience or witness.

We are engaged with many other police authorities who we hope will follow GMP's example in the coming months. Our work continues, with your help..thank you so much.