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Here you will find all the updates from the SOPHIE team whether that is us out and about working or events and news we want to share with you. No two days are ever the same and we hope this shows a flavour of our work and other useful information.

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Calling all supporters in Lancashire ...we need your VOTE!!

We are proud to have been shortlisted for The Big Lottery / Lancashire Telegraph Community Cash Award. We now need your help please..we need you to beg/borrow (but not steel !! ) a copy of the paper one day over the next two weeks and fill in the voting coupon (we are number 13) and send to the freepost address please. Then spread the word at home , work, college, school and ask others to do the same !

We have always appreciated the support at home including that of Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper from Coronation Street) who portrayed Sylvia in the Simon Armitage Play "Black Roses - the Killing of Sophie Lancaster"....Julie says

" I am proud to have been involved with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation for the past five years. their amazing work in schools and communities to promote tolerance, acceptance and celebration of difference is vibrant , imaginative and far reaching as demonstrated in the change of hate crime reporting in Manchester earlier this year. To lose a child is horrific, to lose a child through violence more so; but to lose a child through senseless hatred is unthinkable.

Sylvia has turned the unthinkable into positive action in a way that most of us couldn't imagine.Please please help her anti-bullying work by voting for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation's bid."

This quote from the parent of a young student who attended a SOPHIE presentation at Blackburn College last week speaks volumes about the way we are changing mindsets.

"My daughter was in one of the groups you spoke to today at BB college. She couldn't wait to tell me all about it and said how brave you were Sylvia. She says she now feels so bad for judging people and will never do it again. She realises now you have to get to know people before you judge. Absolutely brilliant what you are doing and I admire you so much x"

Please help us to reach more young people, including young offenders by voting for us then spreading the word to your family and friends.