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Calling all our supporters in the NW England!

We need you to join us on the 4th July at 3pm for the world's biggest celebration of individuals at The Very Big Catwalk !

We have been asked to gather as many Metallers, Punks, Goths and Emos to walk alongside us as we celebrate our style. So, please come along to

Cunard Building,
Water Street,
L3 1ES

In your droves!

Sylvia says "We are proud to be able to represent alternative subcultures at this unique event. My aim to create a positive legacy to Sophie will be strengthened as together we show how we should celebrate, not fear "difference". I hope as many of our supporters and all the lovely moshers, goths and punks join us to send out the message - Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere."

The Catwalk organiser, Jane Galpin explained “It’s incredibly important that this catwalk represents all aspects of Liverpool life and celebrating sub-cultures is a huge part of this.

“I was so pleased when Sylvia agreed to be part of the event as her reach and influence are invaluable. We want to infiltrate all corners of the community, especially those who may not normally associate themselves with a fashion event, and give them this unique opportunity to showcase just how fabulous they are.

“Whether you dress head to toe in black, walk around the city in hair rollers, dye your hair green or are covered in tattoos – we want all of you! The Liverpool people are a beautiful eclectic mix and that’s exactly what we want to see on the 4 July.”

Please spread the word and we look forward to strutting our stuff with you there - Men, Women and Children!