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Sophie’s 10th Anniversary

The 24th August marks ten years since the death of Sophie following the brutal, hate fuelled attack thirteen days earlier. Sophie’s injuries were so great she never regained consciousness, the damage so great her life was taken from those she loved.


Sylvia’s determination to ensure that Sophie’s legacy would be based in education with the objective that we would create a safer, more inclusive, less intolerant world is being realised ten years on.

Today is a day of remembrance of the loss of a bright, feisty, funny and intelligent young woman – Sophie.

Sylvia will have a quiet day but will see all your kind messages on our social media – something that means the world to her as she knows how much Sophie and her legacy mean to you all. There is lots of media attention and here is just one of the articles published today – this one is by the BBC News website.

Rest In Peace Sophie