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Sophie's mother and very experienced youth worker, Sylvia Lancaster, is set to launch an educational game into high schools that shows young people how easy it is to be more tolerant and open their minds to accept all people, despite their lifestyle or appearance.

The educational game is designed for year 8 students, it consists of 30 cards, which represent many common alternative subcultures ,ethnic, religious and social groups; players are set a series of tasks, which challenges preconceptions and encourages development in problem solving and team working skills.

gameAt first the players are encouraged to pick a team of five based only on appearances. Throughout the game they find out background information about the characters such as hobbies and skills. The players are then given the chance to revise their first decisions ready to help them in the final stage of the game when they are given a scenario. Those included are an emergency, an expedition, making a Go-Kart and making a rocket. Discussions are prompted throughout to explore the player's original motives and what they have learnt from taking the time to find out more about the wide variety of individuals featured on the cards

The game will ideally run over two class sessions, as it is clearly split into two parts, and this will allow for sufficient time that is required for crucial discussion around the character cards.

The pack also includes a copy of the charity's stunning and multi award-winning short film, Dark Angel, and it is all contained in a striking and user friendly carry case which has been designed to withstand many years of use by teachers and pupils.

game1Sylvia Lancaster, who has pioneered and worked towards launching this scheme since Sophie died, says: “To teach young people to be tolerant of others is giving them a crucial skill that will enable them to get on in life. Working many years as a youth worker has taught me that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for young people with aspirations is their inability to understand or relate to people from different walks of life to them. Our game should show them simple techniques that help them break through this barrier”.

Sylvia continues: "This game has been my dream since 2007, and it is one of the key things we, as a charity, can do to ensure my daughter didn't die in vain. If this scheme can make young people stop and think twice about judging others on appearance, then it can also stop them from growing up thinking it's OK to insult, abuse or attack someone just because they don't look the same - and that will be a massive accomplishment for our society."

For further information about the game or to register your interest in the game, please email