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Last month we told you about Gena who was attacked in Edinburgh after being abused for how she was dressed. It was a dreadful attack that could have been much worse if her friend had not intervened.

Gena was later told of the support she had from the Foundation and its supporters and contacted us to say thank you to you all.

genaHere is her comment:

"I just want to say I am truly touched that you have shared my story. (I used my maiden name in the papers to try and save my family where the attack occurred any troubles in case these teens associated the names). I'm outraged at what happened last Friday

It's scary and disgusting behaviour and it's something I will never understand. A friend of mine brought this site to my attention and I wanted to learn more about Sophie. I never expected to see myself on here so like I said I am truly touched. It's a shame that people are being so brutally attacked for something so on the surface...I couldn't dream of hurting another person so I don't know what's off in these kids minds that makes them think this behaviour is acceptable.

I am so grateful that I am ok and that something worse didn't happen. I keep thinking about the what-ifs. What if we had been five feet to the left and my sister in law hadn't seen out of her window? - she wouldn't of been there to stop them kicking my face in. I guess that's a natural thought process...these kids are cowards who waited until our backs were turned to do what they did.. I've stayed true to who I am my whole life and I instill the same values into my son...and maybe I choose to live life a little more colorful or a little more dark than other people but that doesn't give anybody else the right to hurt me or anyone else for that matter!!

Thank you all for your kind words for my situation. My injuries are healing. I'm still in a significant amount of pain and the numbness in my mouth and face is a bit maddening but I'm lucky that I was able to walk away with only broken bones and cuts and bruises. My friend who was with me is also OK. I am so sorry for what happened to Sophie and her partner but I think it is incredible there are so many people like you all who support her cause and spread the word and take. A stand against these unnecessary all give people a louder voice."

Gena ordered some SOPHIE wristbands after she learned of our work and she had been in touch again today. This is what she had to say:

"Hi there. I am just writing again as I ordered some wristbands off your site and wanted to send you guys a picture of me wearing mine!!!!

My bruises have almost healed now (as you can see in the picture) since the attack but my pain is still pretty bad ( Doctors have discovered a couple more injuries now that swelling is gone and its quite crap but I'm getting on and feeling better everyday. Ironically the day I recieved my bracelets, I had literally just recieved a phone call from the police to tell me they were going to close my case as nobody was coming forward.. I was in tears as that is really upsetting to me that these teens are getting away with what theve done to me and I was hurt and angry and it was as I was walking back through to my living room that the mail came and I got my was fate I think :) - a nice reminder that there are people who do care and who do feel as strongly as I do about these disgusting people that treat people so horribly just because they have the courage to be themselves!!!!

Thank you again for telling my story too and I will do anything I can to support you guys and your foundation!!!!!!!"


Gena has given us permission to share her photo and words with you. We hope it demonstrates that the community on here is a strong force for good. It shows that if we 'Make A Noise' about the attacks and abuse people listen and help each other.

We wish Gena a continued recovery and know you do too. We thank her for allowing us to share this with you.

17th April 2012