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Sylvia and our trainer Sue Smith went to deliver the SOPHIE educational resource training to teachers and youth workers from Southern and Northern Ireland.

Following on from the charity's work in Mayo and Dublin last year, the training was arranged through Dr. Stephen Minton and Rose Conway-Walsh. It gave us the opportunity not just to train more people but importantly to have our resource evaluated over a period of time.

Dr Minton explained:

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation has developed an educational resource, also called SOPHIE, primarily for use with year 7 school kids. You can read all about it on the SLF website, but basically people learn to challenge their own prejudices, stereotypes, snap judgements, and develop their knowledge around sub-cultures, social skills, empathy, etc. It has been used in loads of different contexts in the UK, and the SLF would like it to be in every school there. So what we're doing is a professional evaluation of its effectiveness as used in 3 schools in Belfast and 3 in Co. Mayo, a North / South approach in Ireland, and yesterday was the first step - getting the people who will be delivering the resourse in the schools trained up."

This is a very positive step for the Foundation and we look forward to more collaborative working in the future.