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Here you will find all the updates from the SOPHIE team whether that is us out and about working or events and news we want to share with you. No two days are ever the same and we hope this shows a flavour of our work and other useful information.

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This week we have had four training days with Greater Manchester Police and agencies.

Sylvia and Sue Smith, our trainer, have been delivering the training in the SOPHIE educational groupworks in Manchester in conjunction with GMP.

This follows on from the success of the recent training arranged through Leicester Police, when 65 teachers and youth workers took part in our training days.

We are proud to be raising awareness of the extent of the issue of intolerance and often violent abuse of alternative people of all ages. For many, these sessions are the first time they have learned that what happened to Sophie was the extreme end of the prejudice so many live with.

The latest Ofsted report on bullying (2012 ) demonstrates that pupils are more likely to be bullied because of their appearance than other reasons.

We have been pleased with the positive feedback that we ave received in evaluations.