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Here you will find all the updates from the SOPHIE team whether that is us out and about working or events and news we want to share with you. No two days are ever the same and we hope this shows a flavour of our work and other useful information.

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Last week we achieved another first..over one week we worked in a university, a sixth form college, a high school and a primary school!

We are proud to be involved in education on all levels in Preston (UCLAN), Manchester (Audenshaw), Bury (Castlebrook) and Rossendale (St Paul's Constable Lee.)

This was our first time working in a primary although we are increasingly being asked if we will do so.

The session was with year 5 (9 year olds) and it went well..we used the SOPHIE game to discuss stereotyping..the pupils were very responsive and created some brilliant posters at the end of the session.

You can imagine we were concerned about how we discuss such issues with such young pupils, but needn't have worried..they were more than capable !

We hope to develop this so we can reach even more young people and teaching staff as they deliver this important message in schools.

For more information about our work in schools, please look at the education page here