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Here you will find all the updates from the SOPHIE team whether that is us out and about working or events and news we want to share with you. No two days are ever the same and we hope this shows a flavour of our work and other useful information.

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We are very excited that the Simon Armitage drama will be aired tomorrow at 2.15. It will be the most powerful, emotional work you have probably ever heard.

Three years ago, young Goth woman, Sophie Lancaster, and her boyfriend, Rob Maltby, were savagely beaten by a gang of youths, simply because they chose to dress 'differently'.

This new anthology will help us raise funds for the charity.

We really need to get the educational groupworks to as many schools as possible and your help would be appreciated.

Here is a summary of the very powwerful week taken from Boston Council's website. Please have a read to see what a huge impact Sylvia had on the people we met.

There will be a fantastic night of fun and frolicks for S.O.P.H.I.E on the 12th February in Accrington